ENVIRO-DEV was registered in Norway in 2005. Since then it is managed by a senior consultant drawing on a pool of affiliated and independent consultants, and research assistants. Core areas covered include environmental disciplines, social-economy, health and culture, agriculture-forestry and natural resources, and stakeholder engagement-management, institutions and regulatory standards in a range of infrastructure and development intervention projects.

Professional advice, risk/impact analysis-assessment and reporting, social and environmental method and approach essentials, managing and coordinating projects, nurturing balance among stakeholders in projects, informed communication and fostering sound-workable processes for clients are central to the core work of ENVIRO-DEV. It has wide experience in infrastructure projects (e.g., hydropower, transmission lines, roads, etc.), including covering renewable energy, linear and non-linear land take projects, having potential social-economic, cultural, health, environmental, cumulative and strategic impacts and requiring proficient stakeholder and Client engagement. Development projects are also an area of work. Both empirical and practical ground based studies are handled, as well as research ones. ENVIRO-DEV has considerable experience in capacity building and training; the development of knowledge products (e.g., toolkits for communication on a country, sector or project basis; training-of-trainers; guidelines for baselines; methods and approaches; non-technological tip sheets for stakeholders at large) and mechanisms for project off-sets, livelihood restoration and benefit sharing.

ENVIRO-DEV has worldwide experience in using sound methodology, information/data collection and analysis is based on documentable, thoroughness and systematic processes. Affiliated international consultants and experts are utilized to cover the scope of projects – many speak local languages and are familiar with the cultural settings. ENVIRO-DEV has solid experience in the requirements of the International Finance Institutions (IFIs), donor organizations, OECD among others (see list below) from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. The consultants involved have published both in scientific journals and in non-technical fora, and present in international symposia/conferences.

Clients, Funds and Experience

World Bank (WB); Asian Development Bank (ADB); International Finance Corporation (IFC); Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA); Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA); Nordic Donor organizations like Norad, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SIDA; Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE), Statkraft; Consulting companies like Norconsult, Sweco, Multiconsult and Norsk Energi; Non-profit organizations like the International Centre for Hydropower, Norway and Research Agencies; Developers/Proponents and Investors.

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