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Feb – June 2020, Georgia

Feb – June 2020, Georgia

Benefit Sharing in Georgia: renewable energy projects.  An analysis of different stakeholders (affected communities, NGOs and project proponents/developers and government (local and national) perceptions, expectations and practice in light of international benefit sharing mechanisms. Dhillion is team leader for the study which aims to propose a feasible benefit sharing regime in Georgia given the government’s current interest in instilling benefit sharing requirements in energy projects. Project consultants are COWI through NVE and the project is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

April, 2019. Book Chapter….in press

Dhillion wrote a chapter on benefit sharing in a book (Earthscan, UK) addressing risks, conflicts and transforming them, and sustainable development


ENVIRO-DEV continued the monitoring of impacts of capacity building in renewable energy development – a global capacity building performance study. Evaluation of sustainability of capacity building impacts and SDGs are central.  A case study approach is employed.  Countries for case studies include Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Costa Rica, Honduras and Colombia.

Jan 2018 – June 2019, Papua New Guinea

World Bank funded project Assessment of National Policy on Benefit Sharing in Hydropower Projects initiated in 2018. ENVIRO-DEV is in partnership with Muliconsult (lead) on this project studying benefit sharing in PNG.


ENVIRO-DEV as Lead International Consultant with Hernes Projektering, Vista Analyse and Sweco of Norway will be providing training on valuation of environmental damages, baseline methodologies, inspection and monitoring. Ecosystem services, biodiversity, vegetation, aquatic, water quality and land as covered by the EU Environmental Liability Directive will be the focus – in line with the drafted and existing Georgian policies. Project is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Administered by ICH, Norway.



ENVIRO-DEV served as key designer and trainer in two regional capacity building courses in Africa. In South Africa Risk Management and Environmental Compliance in Renewable Energy Projects took place in Ladysmith. The Process of Social Impact Assessment training was held in Accra, Ghana. Participants from >10 nations completed the courses. ICH, Norway managed the capacity building courses funded by Norad, Norway.

October, 2018. IAIA Special Symposium, Malaysia

ENVIRO-DEV and Univ. of Gothenburg will be presenting at IAIA Special Symposium “Using Impact Assessment to Achieve the SDGs in Asia,” taking place 1-2 October 2018 in Kuching, Malaysia. IAIA is the International Association for Impact Assessment based in the USA.

February – May 2018, Indonesia

Dhillion of ENVIRO-DEV as Environmental and Social Safeguard Specialist for Asian Development Bank (ADB TA-8484 INO) assisted in drafting the Environmental and Social Safeguard Framework Arrangement for PT Indonesia Infrastructure Finance (IIF;


May 2017 – December, 2020, Global Capacity Building Performance Study

Evaluation of capacity building in renewal energy projects: case studies in Bhutan, Nepal, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Myanmar, Sudan, Ethiopia, Honduras, Costa Rica and Colombia. Impacts and outputs of capacity building and training of two 5-yr programmes funded by Norad and the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are being studied. Approach includes utilizing a logical framework for performance monitoring and evaluation, OECD approaches, IFI benchmarks and SDG comprehension.