In October 2017 the Sustainable Infrastructure Assistant Programme – Sub-project 5 (SIAP5) was completed and outputs are now available. A Communication Package (CP) as a knowledge product (toolkit) was prepared by the SIAP5 consultant team (led by: Team Leader & Community Development Expert Dhillion; Community Development and IP Expert Granfelt). Other outputs include a Communication Strategy and Participation Plan (CSPP) and based on a Stakeholder Analysis. Field work was done in Java and Kalimantan. The CP is a practical toolkit and includes a flyer template on for information, a video, Power-points, and  six thematic Tip Sheets on: (1) Communication and Participation; (2) Land Acquisition and Resettlement (LAR); (3) Livelihoods and Environment; (4) Road HSE; (5) Indigenous People; and (6) Gender.